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Welcome to the official Sol Survivors website!

Welcome to ©Sol Survivors! An endeavor to provide the next generation of immersive edutainment MMO/RPG gaming.

   Sol Survivors is in development to become an in-depth immersive online MMO/RPG that will lead players into navigating their way through their own unique virtual lives through a deteriorating world of ecologic and economic conditions in order to find the means for humanity to survive and thrive throughout the Sol System. Players will grow their capabilities to become leading industry professionals in their own unique professional fields in the off-world marketplace. Players will work both; individually and collectively with other players to evolve humanity into a civilization that is capable of resolving the detrimental impacts of humanity on the Earth and healing the world before it collapses due to the ongoing strains and stresses of the infinite growth of the human civilization in the backdrop of the delicate and finite failing ecologic environment of the Earth.

   Players will both; create and take advantage of a host of new and exciting opportunities to engage in the burgeoning off-world marketplace with intent to evolve humanity into a type 1 civilization and introduce the opportunities created through their off-world endeavors to reconcile the ecologic and economic failings of the civilization back on the Earth.

   Players will start off as 16 year old virtual avatars growing up in a variety of typical Earth-based communities where, they will play through the first series of personal development levels to build their fundamental capabilities to eventually function in the marketplace as professionals through their educational careers, community networking events, character engagement activities and skill-building exercises. Each skill-building achievement they make and community engagement they encounter will affect the results of their unique opportunities to grow into niche industry professionals through their virtual lives.

   Players will further develop their skills and capabilities to reach new levels and abilities to survive and thrive within the Sol Survivors community by completing a wide variety of optional jobs and tasks that will earn them the required investment funding that will enable them to buy and/or upgrade new properties, tools, resources and equipment to advance their capabilities in the marketplace and community. In this, Sol Survivors is intended to be as much of an experiential educational guide that can teach players what it takes to survive and thrive in the dynamic marketplace of humanity's advancing civilization as it is an immersive and entertaining virtual gaming experience they will love to play through for years.

   Remember to bookmark this site and return here to see how we're coming along with our endeavors to develop Sol Survivors into the game we hope all will eventually love to play and share in together.